Having been in the skiing and cycling business since 1972, Bill and Kim are able to offer outstanding expert advice with their prominent wealth of knowledge on all their products and services.

Maximum customer satisfaction is thus guaranteed!  

Whether you are a beginner or professional skier or cyclist, come and see what Ski 'n' Cycle Hut can do for you. We have bikes and skis that are able to meet all levels of cycling and skiing needs, from tiny toddlers who are only just learning to push a bicycle, to the elderly. Ourservices include selling a rich variety and range of skis and bikes, such as hybrid, mountain, road, dirt jumper, BMX bikes, and twin tip skis, xc skis, all mountain skis, snow boards just to name a few.

Ski ā€˜nā€™ Cycle Hut also specializes in the servicing and the repairs of all makes and models of skis, snowboards, and bicycles. Our ski tuning and waxing in the winter will help keep you and your equipment ready to tackle any mountain or cross country adventure you may have planned. Our other services include the servicing of bicycles for the summer, as well as thorough in-depth overhauls. We can even customize bikes and do custom builds with upgraded parts.

If we not carry a particular item you are looking for, do not despair! Maintaining a close relationship with his trusted suppliers in Canada, we would be able to get the item for you within 1-2 days to a week.  

 Summer clothing will consist of cycling wear in the summer and ski wear in the winter months.

We don't want to be the biggest ski or bicyclestore just the best.